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Every Bag is Roasted FRESH to Order and FedEx Shipped!


" I discovered Aloha Kona Coffee in 2012, while on vacation in Maui.  I had purchased a bag for our condo, and loved its special, distinctive flavor.  I have been buying it from their website (and when visiting Hawai'i) ever since.  Their three styles of roast (medium, medium dark, expresso) range from bright & sunny to mellow.  Choose the one for your mood, or mix them as I often do.  Since this is Hawai'i, shipping costs to the Mainland are somewhat high, but well worth it.  Enjoy!"

     Ken Genco


"If you would like an excellent, smooth, and very low acidic coffee then you need to try Kona Coffee. I have truly enjoyed purchasing my coffee from the Leong’s and even though I have never met her she has taken care of us very well with exceptional customer service and prompt orders. When we went to Hawaii several years ago I fell in love with this coffee and after getting back to the states have been ordering my coffee from her. It can be a little pricey ordering it with the mail service but I feel it is so worth it! My husband and I love our coffee in the morning and have never found anything comparable to this coffee for the smooth bold taste . I am a customer for life. Thanks and Mahalo

     Wes and Mary Burley


"I discovered Kona coffee over twenty years ago when I was working on my master’s degree and it continues to be my favorite coffee.  Over the years I’ve ordered coffee from other coffee plantations in Hawaii, but in my opinion The Leong’s 100% Kona coffee is one of the best and that is why I have ordered from them for over ten years!  Dana is always available to help with questions and gets my order ready and sent quickly.  If you haven’t tried Kona coffee yet and you like a sweet, smooth coffee, I recommend that you try Aloha Kona coffee!"

     Laura Schmidt


"There's not enough words to describe your outstanding coffee and delightful and prompt customer service."

     Chef Chris Barnes - Sneaky Freaky Bake Shop


"My husband and I have been able to visit the beautiful islands of Hawaii three times. We fell in love with Kona Coffee while visiting, and brought some home  with us. Over the years I was able to get it from local roasters and Fresh Market, but both places started having issues.  I went online and found Aloha Kona Coffee Company and  have been a customer since!!  We live in SW Florida, and have a summer home on a mountain in South Carolina on the NW border between SC and NC. I have our coffee shipped to both homes and it is very convenient and the quality is always perfect!  n this world of Starbucks and Dunkin Doughnuts, we are thrilled to be drinking our Kona every morning in the comfort of our own home!!  Thank you for the incredible service!!"

     Nanci Barton, Cape Coral, FL


"In 2007, I toured various coffee plantations in Kona.  It was my first introduction to genuine Kona Coffee.  I was wowed!!!  And I chose Aloha Kona Coffee as the best!!!  No other company matched their quality or service.  Ever since, I send Aloha Kona Coffee as a Holiday Gift.  It’s such a good experience, I actually look forward to placing my annual order!

     Eric Chomsky, Esq.

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