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Aloha Kona Coffee 100% Kona Coffee

Aloha Kona Coffees Estate Grown Beans are exclusively from our estate, and guaranteed to contain only the finest grades of Arabica Coffee. The beans are handpicked by professional pickers and are harvested at the peak of ripeness to insure the best flavor in each and every cup. Prepare your taste buds to experience a truly outstanding cup of coffee!

Browse our selection of Kona Coffee Roasted fresh to order, your choice of grind or whole bean

Know Your Kona Coffee Roast Every order roasted fresh!

Our small batch roasted coffee ensures your coffee will arrive at peak freshness. Kona coffee is best enjoyed roasted between Medium and Dark. Our Medium-Dark is the most popular roast, balancing flavor and caffeine content for a flavorful and smooth cup.


Medium Roast

Roasted to the perfect balance of acidity and flavor for coffee drinkers who like a full flavor but not a dark roast.

Medium Dark roast Kona coffee

Medium Dark Roast

Roasted at 464 degrees, this coffee pleases everyone because it is full-bodied and robust but very smooth. This roast is our specialty.


Dark Roast

Try this roast if you like something dark and very rich! Full-bodied and bold with a straight flavor profile and low acidity.

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