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Aloha Kona Coffee - Certified Estate Grown Coffee Farm

All our coffee beans are handpicked at peak ripeness

Aloha Kona Coffee Company is a farmer and member of the Kona Coffee Farmer’s Association and has been certified as “Estate” grown coffee. This certification means the coffee is grown entirely on its own estate, and only the coffee grown on the farm can be used in “Estate” coffee. To be part of this program Aloha Kona Coffee has to show good husbandry, keep documentation of processing and maintain a paper trail and meet State of Hawai’i green grading standards as adopted under Chapter 147, Hawai’i Revised Statutes in the category called “Select” used for Estate farmers.

Estate Coffee is the product of one farm, and cannot be mixed with crops from other farms. Aloha Kona Coffee is directly involved in all aspects of the coffee process to its final stage. Every estate produces a unique coffee, each with its own flavor. Aloha Kona Coffee prides itself on the care and cultivation of the coffee from tree to bean, year-round, guaranteeing the end result is one of the best cups of coffee you will ever taste. Estate coffee is exclusively from one farm, and Aloha Kona Coffee makes sure that only the best quality beans are used, and it is always 100% Kona Coffee.

100% of Kona Coffee Beans Guarantee!

Many brands of coffee claiming they are “Kona” are misleading. You may see labels that say “Kona Blends” and these blends usually contain 10% or less of Kona coffee! Because Kona coffee a scarce commodity in the marketplace, some retailers sell Kona Blends. Please read the small print because many consumers assume they are getting 100% Kona Coffee when in fact it is not even Kona Coffee. Blends are not a combination of different types of Kona coffees but rather a blend of Kona and Columbian or Brazilian coffees.

Because Aloha Kona Coffee is grown and processed on the Estate it can guarantee not only the quality of its coffee, but also the fact that it is 100% Kona coffee beans. Don’t settle for anything less! Only coffee from the Kona Districts can be described as "Kona".

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