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Aloha Kona Coffee Taste

Why Aloha Kona Coffee Tastes Better Savvy coffee drinkers want to know the region where the coffee is from. Coffee drinkers look for 100% Kona coffee because it is well known that coffee from Kona is well balanced, with great body and good acidity. While terms like acids and body are used a lot, what […]

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About Coffee Roasts

Aloha Kona Coffee Roasts What does roasting do? Fats and sugars within the coffee bean become emulsified, and through this process the wonderful flavors of the coffee beans are released. This process causes the coffee to emit its flavorful oil. Oil is what gives coffee its characteristic taste and aroma. At Aloha Kona Coffee our

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Coffee vs Espresso

Coffee Vs Espresso Is espresso any different from other coffees and what does ‘espresso’ even mean? I admit that even though I am a huge coffee drinker, and fancy myself a coffee aficionado, I do not really know how coffee and espresso are different. The difference between a cup of coffee and shot espresso all

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Kona Coffee Terminology

Kona Coffee Terminology Cherry – The fruit of the coffee tree. Bean – Two flat seeds formed within the cherry. Peaberry – When coffee cherries produce one round seed. Pulping – separates the beans from the outer red skin. Processing – When the beans are fermented and washed. Drying – The beans are laid out on decks and sun -dried to

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Growing Kona Coffee

Growing and Processing Kona Coffee Kona coffee begins flowering in the first few months of the year, but depending on rainfall flowering can occur at anytime. It is a beautiful sight when coffee trees are in bloom with thousands of little white flowers. A few months after the coffee flowers, green berries begin to appear

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Kona Coffee Bean Grades

Grades of Kona Coffee Beans Hawaii is the only coffee growing area in the world that requires continuous and rigorous testing to certify its coffee. Kona Coffee is held up to the highest standards and graded by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture (HDA) and is based upon a grading system which takes into numerous factors,

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Kona Coffee Brewing

Brewing Tips for Aloha Kona Coffee At Aloha Kona Coffee we roast each bag fresh to order so you will always start off with the freshest coffee possible! It is important to store, grind, and make coffee properly to ensure the best taste! Ground coffee deteriorates faster than whole bean, so it’s recommended you buy

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