Aloha Kona Coffee Taste

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Why Aloha Kona Coffee Tastes Better

Savvy coffee drinkers want to know the region where the coffee is from. Coffee drinkers look for 100% Kona coffee because it is well known that coffee from Kona is well balanced, with great body and good acidity. While terms like acids and body are used a lot, what do they really mean in regards to how coffee tastes?

Coffees body really refers to the weight of coffee on the tongue. While some coffees are light or crisp, others tend to linger. Body ranges from light to full. A good cup of coffee should taste clean, offering a full flavor without a long delay on the tongue.

Acidity is often thought of as a bad thing. However, it has very little to do with being sour or bitter. Acidity refers to the brightness of a coffee.

Coffees from Kona are known for their robust, earthy characteristics, with flower-like notes, and a great balance. When coffee is from the Kona region it infers many things. Kona coffee has great acidity, but not over powering, which is one reason so many coffee drinkers like it. Aloha Kona Coffee offers a very full-bodied medium dark roast that is perfect balance for coffee lovers.
At Aloha Kona Coffee each and every bag is roasted fresh to order, which assures the balance, body and acidity of the coffee beans will be the best you can possible drink. Some of these descriptions might be unnecessary, because the most important thing is you will know that when you take a sip that Aloha Kona Coffee tastes great!

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