About Coffee Roasts

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Aloha Kona Coffee Roasts

What does roasting do? Fats and sugars within the coffee bean become emulsified, and through this process the wonderful flavors of the coffee beans are released. This process causes the coffee to emit its flavorful oil. Oil is what gives coffee its characteristic taste and aroma.

At Aloha Kona Coffee our specialty is our medium dark roast, which is roasted fresh to reach order at 464 degrees. This roast maximizes taste and aroma, leaving a perfect oil balance with no sharp bite.
The medium dark roast offers just the right amount of caffeine and acid to offer a full flavor without any after taste. Some coffee lovers prefer darker roasts, such as espresso. Aloha Kona Coffee offers roasts to the taste and preference of every customer – just specify the roast you like best!

Lighter roasts keep more acid in the bean than medium dark and espresso roasts. Darker roasts have a deeper flavor but there is less caffeine in the darker roasted coffees. It is all a matter of taste, and what you like drinking.

The roasts alone don’t determine the coffee taste – much of that depends of the quality of the coffee bean to start with. Aloha Kona Coffee cares for and processes every tree and we can guarantee the coffee you drink is the result of years of care and excellence. You will taste the difference in the superior bean we grow, and therefore, the taste is apparent in the final product- a wonderful roasted quality coffee bean.

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