Coffee vs Espresso

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Coffee Vs Espresso

Is espresso any different from other coffees and what does ‘espresso’ even mean? I admit that even though I am a huge coffee drinker, and fancy myself a coffee aficionado, I do not really know how coffee and espresso are different. The difference between a cup of coffee and shot espresso all lies in the flow of water. When making espresso, hot water saturates the grounds as the water is literally forced directly through the finely ground coffee, which creates a shot of coffee with intense flavor.

A cup of coffee or a shot of espresso use the same amount of coffee grinds, and are composed of the same ingredients (water and coffee) but the difference is how it is brewed. Therefore, you are getting the same caffeine in a shot or a cup, but the shot is more concentrated.

Espresso is used to make lattes and mochas because a small shot of espresso is all that is needed to achieve an intense coffee flavor even after it is diluted with steamed milk and other flavors. Similarly, coffee mixed with steamed milk it is called a ‘misto’.

Whether you are in the mood for a shot of espresso made into a latte, or a good old-fashioned cup of coffee, both taste even better when made with Aloha Kona Coffee.

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