Kona Coffee Bean Grades

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Grades of Kona Coffee Beans

Hawaii is the only coffee growing area in the world that requires continuous and rigorous testing to certify its coffee. Kona Coffee is held up to the highest standards and graded by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture (HDA) and is based upon a grading system which takes into numerous factors, such as:

  • Coffee bean’s size
  • Coffee shape
  • Moisture content
  • Defects

There are five primary grades of Kona coffee:

  • Extra Fancy
  • Fancy
  • Number 1
  • Peaberry
  • Prime

While all of these terms can be confusing, but the truth is there is very little that separate these categories or grades. It is mostly the size of the bean that designates its grade. There is a big cost difference between grades too because Peaberry beans for example, constitute only about 5% of a harvest, and since they are rare they cost a premium. If a farm grows good coffee, any grade will be good!

Aloha Kona Coffee Coffee is Estate grown and can attest to the quality of its coffee. It is well cared for coffee and you can tell that in the quality because the beans are large and well shaped. The defective beans are sorted out in the fermentation process and the moisture content is always analyzed so the beans or “parchment” is stored at its optimum moisture content.

Aloha Kona Coffee does not sell separate grades. Therefore, you will not have to pay more for a certain grade because all the beans are combined. You can see the premium grades in Aloha Kona Coffee are in every bean. Be sure to take note of the large quality beans each every bag!

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