Kona Coffee Brewing

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Brewing Tips for Aloha Kona Coffee

At Aloha Kona Coffee we roast each bag fresh to order so you will always start off with the freshest coffee possible! It is important to store, grind, and make coffee properly to ensure the best taste!

  • Ground coffee deteriorates faster than whole bean, so it’s recommended you buy whole bean and grind only what you plan to use immediately.
  • If you don’t consume coffee within a few weeks it is good to store it in the freezer, in an airtight jar.
  • Always start with a clean, washed pot. Water quality also effects flavor. We suggest using filtered water.
  • The finer the grind, the more time it takes the water to flow through the grounds. We suggest using a “coarse” grind.
  • Coffee does burn, and it is best to keep your coffee maker under 200 degrees.
  • Drink coffee fresh and do not reheat.
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